The Saints Teach Us the Way of the Beatitudes

A Reflection for Solemnity of All Saints

Who are the saints?  Are they not simply ordinary people? What made them very significant in the life of the Church?

In the old times, one of the requirements for baptism is that the child must take the name of a saint for the reason that the saint will guide the child as he grows. I could also remember my parents usually at nighttime telling stories of the life of the saints like Saint Francis, Saint Isidore, and others saints.  When I was young, my father always narrate to me the good deeds of the saints particularly our patron saint, Saint Francis of Assisi.  Moreover, my parents did not just simply tell us about their stories, they even encouraged and taught us to have great devotions to the saints and imitate their good deeds here on Earth.

Today we celebrate the solemnity of the All Saints. The Saints are very significant in our Christian life.  It is because they are our models and inspiration in our journey to holiness.  How wonderful it is to be a Christian! We are so blessed enough because we are continually guided in our faith and in our understanding of God.

In the Gospel today, Jesus taught to his Disciples regarding the beatitudes. These beatitudes are wonderful and it brings us a deep and meaningful message that challenges us to live out our faith. How do we respond to this teaching of Jesus Christ? What shall we do? How do we respond to the overflowing grace of love that we receive from God?

The disciples of Jesus did not simply listen to the teaching of our Lord Jesus. They gave witness to his words. The same is true with the Saints. They credible and living witness to their faith to God. They configure their lives to the life to our Lord Jesus Christ.

However if we try to look in our life today, there are many Christian who are suffering. They are experiencing oppression, injustice, and discrimination. They feel unloved. In our society today, the weakest, the powerless and the poorest experience little love. It is very sad to note that sometimes we neglect others and we just think of our self. And many times we are so selfish with our time to dedicate ourselves with the poor and needy. How many hours do we spent our time with them? Seldom do we live the beatitudes which our Lord Jesus taught us. Many people are pre occupied with unnecessary things.

In one of our mission apostolates, we visit our brothers and sister who are needy. I experienced and felt how happy they were to see us. Our presence made them already happy. Even though we cannot give anything that is something material, but to simply be with them and sharing the word of God is already a big grace and charity to them.

Christian love must always shine forth.  As Saint John Paul II said, “only love can completely transform the human person”.  Without it we cannot attain good life and the authentic meaning of life. This celebration of the Solemnity of All Saints reminds us of our duty and responsibility as Catholic Christian to be convinced and witnesses of the greatest teachings of Jesus which is the beatitudes. I believe that because God never seizes to love us, we can overcome the evil influences to our world. Let us then configure ourselves to our Lord Jesus Christ and become good, holy, and living witness as Christian just like the Saints.  Let us then continue to ask for the intercession of all the saints so that we become truly children of God. Amen.

(Eleazarico P. Macalling )

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