Viva Cristo Rey!

A Reflection for Christ the King

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. We remember Christ our King, the Crucified King with no royal powers and earthly riches. In His passion and death, we are shown His kingship of love. True kingship it its pure essence. He is a King willing to sacrifice all and die for us, His beloved. He does not coerce. He is king rather, because of love. Is your heart under our King Jesus’ sovereignty? Only you can answer that.

First, the kingship of Jesus is all about living the way he shown to us. We are often all too bothered with inessentials. By letting go of them, we make space for Jesus to reign in our lives. This important thing we should put is the presence of God in our hearts. This is only way we could recognize Jesus as our King. That through Him, we will send by God into this world not to be served but to serve those who are in need, most especially the poor and powerless. He shows us the way how to become a His royal vassals: He is a king who does not make slaves out of us but to serve. He sees the dignity in each person, rich or poor, noble or common. Jesus invites us to imitate his deeds in order for us to see the way, a way that lights up the darkness we are journeying to.

            Secondly, the kingship of Jesus is all about living the truth that we are going to preach into the world. This truth is that Jesus is truly the king who will set us free in our sins and whoever believes in him will have eternal life. Sometimes, in our daily lives, we often do such things that do not conform to the truth. It is ironic that we do this even if we are created to long for truth. If we are thirst for the truth, we let our hearts listen to Jesus’ voice and find time to reflect on it so that we too can savor the mystery of the truth. Longing for power is not the truth. Longing for wealth is not the truth. The first truth is that we are all creatures of the Almighty and in need of Him. If we humble ourselves enough, we can see and hear the grand vista of truth, offered to us by Jesus, the Truth Himself.

            Lastly, the kingship of Jesus is all about living the life of love. This is the essence of Jesus’ Kingship. Moral life and truth finds its foundation in love. Love can be measured by how much one is willing to give up for the loved one. Take extra time and effort to do as much good for others you can do today. See how one good deed can inspire even more. Thus, in celebrating this Solemnity of Jesus as our King, we must then strive to cultivate love in our hearts, to treat people equally and to give the best love we could share so that we bring the good kingship that our Lord Jesus showed to us.

Let us allow this same kingship of love reign in our lives. Many people often find the fulfillment of their lives in these three things. What is there to life if we have no path? What difference do we have from a tramp with no sense of direction? All of us need a direction in life. What is there to life when there is no truth? When all there is are illusions and trickery? Truth is never wrong, and when we walk alongside it, we are in touch with the very core of our inmost selves and with God. What is there to life without love? I am at lost for words now. Without love, indeed we may ask ourselves, what is there to life?

Jesus invites us into His Kingdom. Are we ready to leave behind our little kingdoms for His? It is a Kingdom where all our deepest hungers leap, and all pleasures come to past.

(Arjay Gazzingan)

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