JPIBC Director

Rev. Fr. Andres Nuesca, Jr.

JPIBC Secretary

Ms. Felicidad Perpetua J. Gines

JPIBC Regional Coordinator

Clifford J. Dalingay

The John Paul I Biblical Center is the Regional Center for the Biblical Apostolate in Northern Luzon. It is a venue for biblical-pastoral training and exchange of experiences. It is pastoral in nature and orientation, owned by and an agency of the Northern Luzon Bishops, Inc. for the promotion and coordination of the Biblical Apostolate primarily in their ecclesiastical 
jurisdictions; regulated by the resolutions of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines  (CBCP) concerning the Biblical Apostolate; committed in cooperation with the Catholic Biblical Federation (CBF) of which it is an Associate Member, to the implementation of the directives of Vatican II and other ecclesiastical documents concerning the pastoral use of sacred scriptures.

The biblical-pastoral efforts of John Paul I Biblical Center aim in particular at:

1. Evangelization through the scriptures:
a. by making the Sacred Scriptures and other biblical materials easily accessible to all Christian faithful
b. in order to strengthen the faith of the individual believers as a response to the Word, to build truly Christian communities based on the Word of God and thus to cooperate towards a new surge of spiritual vitality in the Church from an intensified veneration of God’s Word.

2. Ongoing formation of
    a. “Ministers of the Word” namely: Priests, religious, seminarians, catechists, lay 
        leaders, youth leaders, teachers, facilitators of Bible Sharing groups and all 
        other pastoral agents are in need of adequate and continuous formation in 
        order to be ever better prepared to provide effectively the nourishment of the 
        Scriptures to the People of God.
    b. “Gospel-inspired lay people” with a special attention to the Youth, Indigenous 
        peoples and the Family. Only by being deeply imbued themselves with Gospel 
        values can they become evangelized and at the same time evangelizing. The 
        temporal order / sphere of things can be penetrated and made perfect through 
        the Spirit of the Gospel.