Appreciative of our heritage of faith and culture
Immersed in a situation of economic poverty.
Political imbalance, and socio-cultural and
Religious underdevelopment
Of Northern Luzon:
We envision ourselves as a community of disciples
Whose lives are rooted and centered in Christ and
Who aspire to become Spirit-filled diocesan priests
Of the Catholic Church
Who are servant leaders following Christ’s way
If generous self-giving
And solidarity with the poor
At the service of the Kingdom of God.

With this vision before us,
We commit ourselves to a holistic seminary formation
Geared towards renewed integral evangelization,
Building of Basic Ecclesial communities,
Empowerment of the laity,
Inculturation of the Gospel message, and
Promotion of charity, truth, social justice and peace.

In the realization of this vision-mission,
We entrust ourselves to the
Maternal intercession and protection of
Mary Immaculate, our Patroness.